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Bedbugs are a flat, oval shaped blood sucking insect that feeds on humans while they sleep. They live in and around beds and furniture and can hide away in the narrowest of cracks, meaning that once established they are notoriously difficult to get rid of without professional treatment.

While bedbugs are not known to be serious carriers of disease they do cause irritation following their bites. In rare cases the bites can cause a serious allergic reaction. A bedbug infestation is very unpleasant and living with them can be quite a traumatic experience for some people.

Bedbugs are generally transmitted on luggage so can affect domestic homes as well as commercial properties such as hotels, hostels and HMOs. A bedbug infestation in a hotel or holiday rental property can cause serious damage to your reputation.

Closeup of a bedbug

Bedbug Control - What We Do


Prior to our treatment please remove all bedding from the affected beds and wash thoroughly on as high a temperature as possible (above 54 degrees).

We ask that you remove any items from drawers under beds and from bedside cabinets/furniture. If this is clothing or bedding please also wash them on a high temperature. Please place any other items in plastic bags but leave them in the room.


For successful treatment it is critical to find all the harbourages and nesting sites.

We will conduct an extensive survey of the affected areas, inspecting mattresses, bed frames and drawers, headboards, bedside furniture, skirtings, edges of carpet, wallpaper, electrical outlets and any other potential harbourages. Beds will usually have to be dismantled and we may have to remove the material from the bottom of divan type beds.

A flushing aerosol may also be used at this stage to help drive them out of their hiding spots. 

Other areas can include picture frames, curtains, cabinets and wardrobes.


Treatment consists of a 2 part programme, approximately 14 days apart:

Firstly we will treat all affected areas with specially developed machine that superheats steam to 180 degrees. This is a much higher temperature than a regular steam cleaner and will instantly kill off adult bedbugs and eggs. This dry steam will penetrate most cracks and crevices and will eliminate most of the infestation straight away.

However, it’s always possible that some eggs or nymphs might be missed so we then treat the areas with a potent residual insecticide containing an insect growth regulator. This chemical will remain active for weeks after the treatment and will kill any more bedbugs as they emerge from their eggs and walk across the treated areas. We will also place a trap behind the bed to monitor the levels of activity between our visits.

Customers will have to keep out of the rooms while we carry out the treatment and then stay out for a few hours afterwards until the treated areas are dry. We ask that customers return to sleeping in the bed straight away as their presence will encourage any remaining bedbugs out of their harbourages and into contact with the insecticide. 

Follow Up

On our return visit we will check the trap and inspect the treated areas again to determine if there are any surviving bedbugs.

Steaming again shouldn’t be necessary but we usually apply another treatment with different, long lasting residual insecticide.

Our bedbug treatments are guaranteed for 60 days from the date of our initial treatment. If you see Bedbugs during this period, we will carry out additional treatments as necessary, free of charge. Unfortunately, due to the possibility of re-infestation, we cannot offer this guarantee on commercial premises with a high turnover of occupants such as hotels and hostels etc.

Applying a steam treatment for bedbugs

Our Approach

We believe our four-pronged approach is the most comprehensive approach to succesfully eliminating a bedbug infestation. 

  • Flushing Spray and Mechanical Removal
  • Superheated Steam Treatment
  • Insect Growth Regulators
  • Residual Insecticide

Bedbugs in Your Home or Business? 

About Bedbugs

Bedbugs (cimex lectularius)

  • Adult Bedbugs 
    Approx. 5mm Long, flat, oval shaped
    Reddish brown colouration

    Nymphal stages look like smaller versions of the adult bedbugs but may be slightly paler or even transparent in colouration.

  • Life Cycle & Habitat
  • A female Bedbug usually lays eggs in batches of less than 50, these eggs then take approximately 1-2 weeks (depending on conditions) to hatch.

    Once hatched, the nymphs require about 5 blood meals (usually about 7-10 days apart, depending on conditions) before reaching adulthood. Adult bedbugs usually feed about once or twice per week and live for around 10 months - though they can live longer.

    Bedbugs are generally nocturnal and tend to feed from people in the early hours of the morning, a process that usually only takes a few minutes. Once they are full, the Bedbugs excrete the excess blood fluids from their body, leaving behind the distinctive blacks spots which are synonymous with a bedbug infestation.

Closeup of a bedbug

Identifying a Bedbug Infestation

What to look for
  • Bites anywhere on the body found after waking up.

  • Fresh blood spots on sheets, pillows or mattresses.

  • Live bedbugs and cast skins.

  • Black droppings and white eggs - often described as looking like salt and pepper.

Where to look
  • Mattress, bed frame & headboard.

  • Bedside furniture.

  • Skirtings & edge of carpets behind and around the bed.

  • Mirrors, paintings, curtains, electic sockets, switches and anything else in close proximity to the bed.

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Fleas or Bedbugs?

The two most common biting insects found in the home are fleas and bedbugs. Unfortunately, the bites from these insects can be quite similar so other evidence must be considered when identifying an infestation.

Please read our flea page for more information on fleas.


  • Location on Body
    Often around the ankles or parts of the body that is within jumping distance of the flea. Children playing on the floor are particularly susceptable to bites. Upper body can be bitten if fleas are on the sofa or bed.

  • Time of Bites
    Fleas will bite at any time of day. You may not be aware of the bite till hours afterwards.

  • Location in House
    Fleas can be in any part of the house.

    Other Evidence
    Seeing live fleas or pets scratching.


  • Location on body
    Bites can be all over the body but particularly on areas of skin that are exposed at night. Bedbugs sometimes bite in clusters that may look more like a rash, but this is not always the case.

  • Time of Bites
    Bedbugs will always bite while you are sleeping.

  • Location in House
    Bedbugs will always be near to where you sleep, though they can be in sofas.

    Other Evidence
    Blood spots on your sheets or pillows in the morning. Bedbug droppings or eggs may be found on the mattress or bed frame.

Bedbugs nesting on a bed base

Where Do They Come From?

Bedbugs can't fly. They stow away on objects such as luggage, clothing or pieces of furniture and are carried from place to place on these items.

We find that the majority of customers have either picked them up while travelling, having a guest stay with them or brought in on a second-hand bed or other furniture.

In hotels, hostels and houses in multiple occupation, there is a possibility that they may spread from a room to adjacent rooms without being carried. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Bedbugs

Not necessarily. If you have animals in the house it could be fleas that are biting you. If you have birds nesting in your roof, this could lead to bird mites which also bite. Finally, if you have the windows open during the summer months, you could also be bitten by midges or mosquitos.

No. Bedbugs seem to be commonly confused with Dust Mites. Dust Mites are tiny insects that live in pillows and bedding and can cause allergies but do not bite. Adult Bedbugs are around 5mm long and can be easily be seen, provided you know where to look.

A Bedbug infestation isn't related to cleanliness or sanitation. They can thrive in almost any condition and can be found in even the most expensive of hotels.

No. Bedbugs cannot fly or jump, though they can crawl fairly quickly and are very good climbers.

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