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Silverfish Control in Southampton, Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.

BMS Pest Control offers a fast, effective and professional service at affordable prices to rid your home or business of silverfish.

Our treatments are safe, clean and are carried out at a time that is convenient to you. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to offer help and advice.

The Need to Control Silverfish

Silverfish can be a very destructive pest, causing damage to books, wallpaper and plaster. They thrive in dark places in warm, humid conditions such as under kitchen units and baths.

While not a threat to humans, their rapid movements can be very distressing to some people.

Untreated silverfish infestations can get very large so it is important they are treated before the problem gets out of hand.

A closeup of a silverfish

Silverfish Control - What We Do


Treatment will begin with a thorough survey of the property. We will check dark, secluded areas such as under kitchen units, behind bath panels and in the back of cupboards. We may also check attics, basements and void areas.  


Treatment will consist of the application of a residual insecticide spray in problem areas to skirtings and wall/floor junctions, under kitchen and bathroom units and any other dark, secluded areas where silverfish frequent. We may also treat void areas with an insecticidal dust.

As silverfish are nocturnal they will only come into contact with the insecticide at nighttime, so patience is required when treating an infestation. Customers will find dead silverfish for quite some time after a treatment.


We will offer advice on preventative measures wherever possible.

As silverfish are often associated with damp conditions, there may be an underlying cause such as a leaking pipe in the wall or under the floors. A dehumidifier or ventilation may be helpful in this situation.

Where silverfish problems are persistent, we can use monitoring traps to control their numbers and get advance warning before they start to get out of hand. 

Silverfish in Your Home or Business? 

About Silverfish

Silverfish (lepisma saccharina)

  • Silver blue/grey in coloured and covered in tiny fish-like scales.
    10-20mm in length with long antennae. Do not have wings.
    Tapered, teardrop shaped body.
    Rapid and moves in a ‘swimming’ motion when moving.

  • Life Cycle & Habitat
  • Silverfish are relatively slow breeders but infestations can be large, due to having an unusually long life cycle for an insect. Eggs will be laid in small crevices and will almost never be seen.

    Feeds on items containing carbohydrates such as starch and sugars, eg. books, wallpaper, glue, paintings, photographs and some fabrics and dried foods.

Two silverfish on am old piece of paper

Identifying a Silverfish Infestation

What to look for
  • Live silverfish - often only seen at night or first thing in the morning.

  • Dead silverfish - often on kitchen or bathroom floors.

  • Yellow stains on fabrics.

  • Small holes along the edges of paper.

Where to look
  • Under kitchen units and appliances.

  • Under bathroom units and behind bath panels.

  • The backs of cupboards.

  • Airing cupboards, lofts, basements and void areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Silverfish

No, they are completely harmless.

No, they are not carriers of diseases, though they could contaminate food items by falling in to them. Silverfish do molt multiple times during their lifespan, which could cause allergies in some people.

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