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BMS Pest Control offers a fast, effective and professional service at affordable prices to rid your home or business of cockroaches.

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Professional Cockroach Treatment

A serious pest in heated buildings (though the oriental cockroach can tolerate cooler temperatures), cockroaches are primarily nocturnal (cockroaches seen during the daytime can indicate a serious infestation) and cluster in large groups.

Cockroaches are known to carry and spread human disease organisms but are also a serious financial pest due to the contamination of foodstuffs. The element of human revulsion associated with cockroaches means that most people have a zero tolerance of them.

A german cockroach crawling on a window sill covered in droppings

Cockroach Treatments - What We Do


We will carry out a thorough initial inspection to determine the extent of the problem and identify possible sources of the infestation before determining the best course of action.

Depending on the situation and level of infestation, we will either treat with a residual insecticide spray or powder to the problem areas or commence a baiting programme using insecticidal gel baits.


If residual insecticides are used, we will treat all the areas where cockroaches are commonly found including under and around kitchen and bathroom units, airing cupboards, boilers, door frames and skirting boards. Once treated, the customer will have to avoid the treated areas until surfaces are dry.

If bait is used, we will apply to the same areas, though the customer will not have to vacate the areas afterwards. 

Follow Up Visits

Follow up visits are usually required for the successful elimination of a cockroach infestation, whether residual insecticides or baits are used.

Traps will be placed after a treatment has been carried out to help monitor the situation.


While it is not always possible to proof against Cockroaches, we will offer help and advice to minimise the chances of them returning. 

Cockroaches in Your Home or Business? 

About Cockroaches

While there are other species of Cockroach found in the UK, the two most commonly found ones are the German Cockroach and the Oriental Cockroach.

German Cockroach (blatella germanica)


Size: Adults approximately 12-16mm Long.
Colour: Light tan to dark brown. 
Identified by two dark brown stripes running down their bodies.


Mostly found indoors, they like warm, dark and humid environments. In domestic environments they are most often found in kitchens and bathrooms. 

As they are good climbers, they can be found on top of cupboards and even on the ceiling.

A german cockroach

Oriental Cockroach (blatta orientalis)


Size: Adults Approximately 20-32mm Long.
Colour: Shiny Dark brown to black in appearance.


As they don’t climb as well as other species, they are generally found on ground and sub-floor areas such as basements and other dark areas like ducting.

They like the wet so can also be found in drains, sewers, inside washing machines and under sinks, bath and toilets.

Oriental Cockroaches can generally tolerate cooler temperatures than German Cockroaches.

An oriental cockroach

Do I Have Cockroaches?

Some of the signs to look out for include:
  • Live (and dead) Cockroaches

  • Droppings - Black and approximately 2mm long

  • Shed Skins - Cockroaches shed their skins multiple times during their life cycle.

  • Egg Cases - Approximately 7mm long and brown in colour. Each one can contain over 30 eggs.

  • Smear Marks - Brown smear marks can be left behind on wall-floor junctions that Cockroaches frequent.

  • Smell - A heavy infestation can cause an unusual smell.

Where to look:
  • Kitchens - In cupboards, drawers and cabinets. Inside and under large appliances like fridges and ovens and smaller ones like toasters and microwaves. Under sinks and kitchen units (remove the kickboards to check). Be sure to check around pipes and combi boilers.

  • Bathrooms - At the back of bathroom cabinets, in extractor fans, under basins and baths, behind toilets and around any pipes.

  • Drains - Oriental Cockroaches can sometimes be found around drains.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cockroaches

In domestic properties, its most likely that they’ve been brought in on food or packaging from another infested premises such as a shop or warehouse. They can also spread from neighbouring properties through holes in the walls and floor around pipes and cables.

Cockroaches are nocturnal so you may only see live Cockroaches at nighttime, especially if you only have a small infestation.

Potentially, yes. Cockroaches are known to spread both Salmonella and E. Coli. Cockroach droppings have been known to cause allergies in people who suffer from Asthma.

While they technically can feed on humans and animals, it’s extremely rare and very unlikely that you will be bitten by them.

While some species of Cockroach can fly, both German and Oriental Cockroaches do not fly, despite the fact they both have wings.

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