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BMS Pest Control offers a fast, effective and professional service at affordable prices to rid your home or business of rats.

Our treatments are safe, clean and are carried out at a time that is convenient to you. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to offer help and advice.

The Need to Control Rats

Rats pose the same problem and dangers as mice, although the general public seem to have a much greater revulsion to rats. The diseases that they transmit include Salmonella and Weils disease and they carry parasites such as ticks, fleas, mites, ringworm and tapeworm. Rats also carry a number of diseases that can be transmitted to animals, including foot and mouth in catle and sheep.

Because of their burrowing, rats can undermine foundations of buildings and can also cause serious damage to drains and sewers. Rats are able to gnaw their way through lead pipes and even metal sheathed cables. Then often attack electrical wiring, causing power failure and sometimes fires. Dead rodents will cause a serious infestation of flies.

Rat eating rubbish out of bag

Rodent Treatments - What We Do


We will carry out a thorough initial inspection to determine the extent of the problem and identify areas where the rats could be getting in before determining the best course of action.

We will then discuss the plan of action to the customer and advise on the amount of visits that may be required.


We will place rodenticide bait or traps in the areas where we have found signs of rat activity, often this is in the loft or under kitchen units. We will then return to check that the bait has been taken and to remove any carcasses and untouched bait.

If all the bait has been taken it may be necessary to carry out additional visits - this will be discussed with you during the survey. As it is a legal requirement to remove bait after a treatment, a baiting programme will always consist of a minimum of two visits.

Proofing Recommendations

Once the treatment has been completed, we will provide you with hygiene advice and proofing recommendations. The customer can either carry out the work themselves or we can provide a quotation for this. 

Common forms of proofing include replacing airbricks, cementing holes, steel mesh, wire wool and installing one-way devices on sewer pipes.

Rats in the Garden

Rats in the garden will be treated with either bait or traps in locked, tamper-proof boxes. While it is not usually possible to proof against rats in the garden we will always offer advice such as removing bird feeders and sealing compost bins. Sometimes it is possible to proof areas such as the gaps under outbuildings like sheds.

Rats in Your Home or Garden? 

About Rats

Brown Rat (rattus norvegicus)

  • Size: 220-260mm Long
    Tail Length: 160-200mm Long
    Droppings Approx. 20mm Long
    Colour: Can vary greatly though generally a brown body with a paler belly

  • Life Cycle
  • Reaches sexual maturity in 2-3 months. Breeds throughout the year. Gestation period of 21 days and a female produces up to five litters a year. 6-14 pups per litter are produced.

  • Habitat
  • Brown rats can live almost anywhere, being equally at home in rural areas such as hedge rows, farm buildings and river banks and urban areas. In the town they can often be found in domestic houses, garden and parks and are almost always found in drains and sewers.

A brown rat

Do I Have Rats?

Some of the signs to look out for include:
  • Droppings

  • Noises in the roof, walls or under the floor

  • Chewed or shredded items

  • Missing food items (e.g. dog biscuits)

  • Runs or burrows in the garden

  • Smear marks on walls caused by their oily fur

Need Advice?

A stainless steel rat blocker

Rat Blockers

One of most common ways that rats gain access into a property is through the drainage system. We frequently install drain valves (or ‘Rat Blockers’) to prevent this from happening.

These high quality stainless steel one way valves will prevent rats from passing upstream from the sewers into your drainage system while allowing the drain to function as normal.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rats

As it is a legal requirement to remove any untouched bait and carry out an inspection for carcasses, we will always carry out a minimum of two visits. If more than two visits are required, we will discuss this with you during the survey.

Rats can enter a property through external routes such as holes in brickwork, broken or missing airbricks or gaps under door sills. If no obvious point of entry can be identified they are likely to be entering via the drainage system. If you have reoccurring rat problems with no obvious entry point, we always recommend getting the drains surveyed.  

After the treatment has been completed we can provide quotations for the installation of proofing measures such as the blocking of holes and installing airbrick covers and rat blockers in the drains.

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