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BMS Pest Control offers a fast, effective and professional service at affordable prices to rid your home or business of squirrels.

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The Need to Control Squirrels

Potentially one of the most destructive pests, grey squirrels often enter homes by chewing a hole in the fascia board and then building a nest in the loft.

Once in the loft, squirrels are very noisy and can cause a huge amount of damage to roof timbers, electrical wiring and plumbing due to their constant need to gnaw on things.

Chewed electrical cables are a known cause of house fires so a squirrel nesting in your roof cannot be ignored.

Squirrel running along a rooftop

Squirrel Control - What We Do


Firstly we will conduct a thorough survey in the loft to confirm the problem is actually squirrels.

Noises in the loft can also be caused by rats, mice or birds. We will be looking for droppings, any nest building activity and signs of damage caused by the squirrels.

We will also examine the exterior of the property to determine the entry point. This is usually just a single hole in the fascia board or a gap under the end hip tile.


Control will consist of a trapping programme using spring traps designed specifically for the elimination of squirrels. These traps will be placed in the loft and then baited with peanuts.

The traps will dispatch the squirrels quickly and humanely, ensuring they do not suffer. The traps will be checked at regular intervals and we will continue this programme until all the squirrels are gone.

Please note that it is an illegal to release grey squirrels into the wild - we cannot trap them and release them outside.


Once we are certain that they are no longer in the roof we can provide a quotation for the blocking of entry holes to prevent them from returning in the future.

This will usually involve removing the guttering and then screwing steel mesh or plates over the holes that the squirrels have made.

Sometimes we will also need to re-mortar the end hip tile if that is how they are getting in.

Squirrels in Your Home or Business? 

About Squirrels

Grey Squirrels (sciurus carolinensis)

  • Grey and brown fur with white underparts.

  • Life Cycle
  • 2 nesting seasons per year - early spring and late summer.
    1-5 offspring produced per litter.

  • Habitat
  • Grey squirrels usually build their nests (or ‘Dreys’) in the tops of trees and feed on nuts, seeds, bark, fruit and bulbs. They store uneaten food in caches near to the nest to eat in winter when food is scarce.

    In urban areas squirrels seem prefer to build their nests in the lofts of houses rather than trees - probably because they are warm and glass fibre roof insulation is a good, readily available nest lining material.

Closeup of a grey squirrel

Identifying a Squirrel Infestation

What to look for
  • Loud noises in the roof and soffits - night and day, though more common in the day.

  • Droppings in the loft - similar in appearance to rat droppings.

  • Shredded and torn fibreglass insulation in the loft - often piled up in the corners of the roof.

  • Gnawed roof timbers, pipes and wiring.

  • Holes in the fascia board - these are often above gutters so you may not see them from the ground.

  • Damaged soffits and air vents

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Hole chewed through fascia board by squirrel

How do they get in?

Squirrels usually gain entry into the roof on the corners of houses.

Sometimes this can be due to missing mortar on the end hip tile but the most common way in is for the squirrel to sit in the gutter and simply chew their way through the gutter and fascia board.

Proofing usually consists of screwing either steel mesh or a metal plate over this hole.

Frequently Asked Questions About Squirrels

We will always set traps in the roof, even if you think they may have gone. The last thing you want is a squirrel trapped in the roof as they will always be able to gnaw their way out - even if it means chewing a hole through the ceiling!

Under the Wildlife and Countryside 1981 Act, it is a criminal offence to release grey squirrels into the wild, so we are not able to release them outside.

Grey squirrels are categorised as an invasive, non indigenous species (ie not native to the UK) and their presence causes a severe damage to the native flora and fauna. Because of this damage, the Wildlife and Countryside 1981 Act makes it illegal to release them into the wild.

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